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Here are 3 things that you can do right away to help stop the Health Minister in reducing access to drugs:

  1. Email decision makers – quick!
  2. Post on X to decision makers – really quick!
  3. Share with your social network and ask for their help – really important!

If you did #1 or #2 above,

  1. Follow up with decision makers by re-sending the email letter or repost, even once a week, until you hear back – only a few weeks to make our voices heard

We are so grateful for your help! Let us know how your advocacy efforts went by emailing us at Definitely let us know if you would like to be part of our ongoing efforts advocating on this issue. We only have until November 24, 2023 to make our voices heard!

To learn how to use the tools on the e-advocacy platform, check out our short video 👇


We want to hear from you!!

We hope you will join our advocacy efforts by using the tools on this website. Please reach out to the Canadian Association of PNH Patients (PNHCA) with any questions about our work, to share your PNH stories, or to learn more about our advocacy campaign.

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